Importing Large Sql files – Simple way to switch Web Host

Many times people are not satisfied with a particular web host and move to other web host in search of better services. Some Web Hosting Service Providers provide free service to move your website from old host. But its not the case always. So, you should know the ways to move your data from one host to another. WordPress based website has simple export-import option to move websites. You can even move website using export-import option of “php my admin” which is provided by almost all web hosts. However these options do not work if the size of sql file is too large (generally larger than 50 MB). In such case you can you BigDump file import option. Just follow the steps given below
alright, so now all what you gotta do is to follow these steps:

1) If you are using WordPress then transfer all files of WordPress folder (i.e. your website folder in the old host) to the new host. Here I assume that you know how to create database and database user in new host (generally it is same for every host, web interface can vary). You can even install a new copy of WordPress but it should be avoided as it will not restore the changes made in the script of your theme. Also copying will contain all pictures you have uploaded for the website.
2) Download the BigDump script.
3) open BigDump.php with any text editor. Edit your MySQL connection information.

$db_server = ‘copy here’;
$db_name = ‘copy here’;
$db_username = ‘copy here’;
$db_password = ‘copy here’;

Replace the word “copy here” with appropriate information. Generally value for “$db_server” is localhost. You can get all this information from wp-config.php file in WordPress folder.
3) Make a directory named “dump” in the root folder and copy “BigDump.php” file to this folder through FTP.
4) Copy your .sql file in the same “dump” folder through FTP.
5) Type “” in the web browser. You will get screen looks like this

BigDump file import

6) If you have already transferred your .sql file in the same “dump” folder then the part will be automatically selected and you just have to click “start import“. Otherwise you can upload your sql file (only upto 2MB size in case of browser upload) here. But its better to transfer file first through FTP (step 4) as here you can upload file of any size.

7) You are done now. You will get a message of successful transfer.

Successful trasfter of Sql file through BigDump

You are done now. Enjoy looking same website at separate place.

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