Ways to increase blog visibility

Following ways can be used to increase the visibility of your blog.

1.      Social bookmarking websites are very useful to increase the visibility of your website. These can be used to bookmark your blog/sites and blog contents.

2.      Creating a fan page in facebook or community/group in social networking websites like Orkut, facebook, Google etc is helpful in interacting with visitors and converting a random visitor into regular one.

3.      RSS feed is very usedful for any website/blog. All popular blog platforms have option to include it. Some services like Google feedburner can be used to burn your blog feeds. It is very easier for user to browse through title (and abstract) of your blog articles before directly going there, which they can see without opening your website.

4.      E-mail subscription is another popular way to spread your blog to wider audience. You can add an e-mail subscription option in blog. Many plugins are available in popular blog platforms like WordPress to perform this purpose. Some free services like Google feedburner can also be used to automate this process.

5.      Newsletters are also good to interact with subscribers of your blog. You can provide useful information in your newsletters to evoke the interest of your subscriptions to revisit your blog. Newsletter can be sent at weekly or monthly basis.

6.      Compatibility of the website/blog with all web browsers is one of the most important precautions one must has to address. Visitors generally try to revisit the site which looks uncomfortable visually. You should also make a mobile friendly version of website. Now a days many visitors browse web through mobile.

7.      Google analytics is one of the most popular ways to understand the visitors interested in your site. You can see which pages are more popular. What visitors like. You can add more content in interest of visitors to increase the traffic.

8.      You should give proper attention to the comments of your visitors. You should reply to all genuine comments. You should answer all questions raised by visitors in comments section. Visitors feel connected in this way.

9.      Make quality comments on different website and leave do-follow links (back links). Site owner generally dislike spam comment and they mark non relevant comments as spam. So write only genuine comments. There are many software available which can bombard various blog with your comments without going to those sites. You should avoid those things.

10.  You can allow guest blogging in your website. Visitors will feel association with the blog.

11.  You should use the article directories available online to write about your blogs. You can also mention your most popular articles in those directories. Many visitors redirected from such directories in search of relevant article.

12.  You should join relevant online communities related to your blog subject. You can popularize your blog there. These online communities generally have members having interest in those topics. You can get many regular visitors through such communities.

13.  You should make use of YouTube channel. You can prepare videos relevant to your website theme and post it there. Video can be made by a simple handicam. Alternatively you can make animated video using software like adobe flash. You can advertise your blog in each video.

14.  You can also sponsor online and offline events matching with the theme of your niche. It gives the wider visibility to targeted audience.

15.  You should always use tags for images as it is easier for search engines to retrieved source of image using tagged texts. Otherwise your image will be lost in the web.

16.  You should consult all your friends and expert of your niche area to give you feedback to improve your blog. You should always make personal communication with people for this purpose.

17.  Squidoo lens is also an important way to widen the visitors of your blog.

18.  You should add more and more interacting way to communicate with your visitors. People love to participate in live things. For this purpose you should put polls and other such stuffs.

19.  Provide useful stuffs freely to your visitors. You can write a e-book in your niche area and make it available to your readers. You should add your logo, services and contributions to niche area in these free stuffs.

20.  Write articles regularly. Regular visitors need regular and fresh stuffs. By this way you can attract more visitors to subscribe to your blog.

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