5 Free Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic Today

Many website owners want more traffic and understand that without traffic, their website won’t succeed.

If you want to increase your website traffic, you could take advantage of professional SEO services to get you to the top of the search engine rankings, but what if you don’t have the budget to hire a company to help you?

You can also use many free ways to help increase website traffic. Internet marketing services are great if you need more traffic, but they are certainly not cheap. If you don’t have the budget necessary to hire a company to help you reach your goals, then consider these five ways to increase traffic for free.

1.  Article Marketing

By writing quality articles and submitting them to free article directories, you gain many benefits. You will see a small trickle of direct traffic, you build quality backlinks to your website, and there is a chance a publisher will use your work in their newsletter or on their website. This can spread over time and with enough articles, you can see hundreds of new visitors every single day.

2.  Forum Marketing

If you join a few top forums in your niche, you can use a signature to help promote your website. By including a link to your site and participating in discussions on the forum, you can get targeted traffic to your website. Since the other members of the forum will also be interested in what you offer, this is an easy way to get your website in front of the right audience.

3.  Classified Advertising

Many sites offer free classified advertisements you can use to drive traffic to your website. Just make sure you adhere to their guidelines so your ads aren’t flagged.

4.  Article Syndication

Another way to gain free traffic that can lead to thousands of visitors is through article syndication. This is much like article marketing, but instead of submitting your articles to directories, you submit them to actual ezine publishers and ask to have them used in their newsletters. In exchange for your free content, they will allow you to include a link back to your website.

5.  Guest Blog Posting

You can also contact blog owners and ask if you can provide a guest post for their blog. They will allow you to include a link or two back to your website, which helps you build backlinks and traffic from their blog. Many blog owners need fresh content and will welcome your guest posts.

All five of these methods can help you drive traffic to your website at no cost. If you cannot afford professional Internet marketing services, you can use these methods to build backlinks, increase your search engine ranking, and create some direct traffic, as well.

This post was written by guest blogger Michelle who likes to blog about search engine optimization, especially Internet Marketing and SEO Services.

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