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All About Web Hosting

There are a couple important requirements when you want to start a website. Of course, one is your domain name, or the URL that visitors will type into their browser’s address bar to to access your website. However, web hosting is also important because once you purchase your domain name, you need a location to […]

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Web Hosting

Many web hosting companies are providing the virtual and dedicted servers as hosting option. This post is all about virtual private server (VPS). To know why VPS and dedicated servers are required please read this article – Ways to reduce the CPU usage. Virtual Private Server (VPS) is also known as Virtual Dedicated server (VDS). […]

Ways to reduce the CPU usage

Websites on shared hosting suffer a lot if they have high CPU usage. It increases the load time of the webpages and the account can be terminated for this reason. The main reason for this problem is that the shared servers have many websites running simultaneously. If a particular website is using lots of CPU […]

Best Web Hosting Providers

There are number of web hosting providers who offer web hosting services at varying price. Generally web host provide at least one free domain upon registration. Some web host are very costly while others provide high quality hosting at affordable price. Following are the list of best web hosting providers. You can select your choice […]

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