Best Dating Affiliate Program

There are many ways by a website owner can earn the money. One of the popular way is through affiliates network. The web publisher can place the link of their affiliates on their site. Dating affiliates offer high click through rate and the web owner earn quick money by this.
Following are the list of best dating affiliates programs offering high earning.
1) Cupid plc: It offers four type of affiliate programs
a) pay per lead program: Every signup you generate can earn you up to $16. The better the traffic the more you make.
b) Pay per sale program: One can earn up to $111 for each and every paid membership.
c) Percentage Program: This is the best of both worlds, combining per-lead and per-sale payouts. Get an amazing 90% from each and every sale and add our bonus for each confirmed registration.
d) Referral Program: Other webmasters can be encouraged to join through this program. 5% of everything a new webmster earn will be credited to the referrer.
2) Dating Factory: This is also a very popular dating affiliate program giving high returns.

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