E-mail as platform to publicize blog

E-mail is the best personal touch you can give to your readers. It is the way by which you communicate with your readers. Whenever a reader gets subscribed to any blogs, they give their e-mail details in the subscription form. You should also have this option in your subscription form. You should also provide an email subscription option in blog. There are number of way to handle e-mail subscriptions. All blogging platforms like WordPress, Joomla etc have number of plugins which provide a user friendly way to communicate with your subscribers. Some online services like Google Feedburner can handle e-mailing to subscribers about new post on daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can send mail for various reasons like – to inform that you have posted any new article, to inform about any new introduced facility or service, to ask for suggestions etc. Frequency of mail can also vary. You can send mail on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. You should never flood the subscriber’s mail box with your mails. This will annoy them and may lead to end of the subscription. If you publish more often, then few selected articles can be sent. You should not send more than one mail per day at most. Once in a week is better. However interesting articles can be sent by you personally as soon as it published. People check their e-mails on day to day basis.
The above aspects were focused on regular subscribers. You can use e-mail to publicize your blogs among your friends. You should always use e-mail signature for publicity of your blogs. Whenever you send a mail to any of acquaint, you can include a signature (with url of your blog). Signature facility is provided by almost all mail clients like Google, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. Many people get automatically encouraged to click on these links. If you own multiple blogs and e-mail account; in that case you can use either individual link or links to all websites in signature.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing regularly sends a “spider” to websites. Spider is a program to crawls the website to copy the pages and downloading a copy of them to their web servers. After crawling by the spider, search engines index the information available on the site like keywords, tags and other stuffs. Whenever somebody search anything on search boxes, search engine show results out of these indexed pages generated by above mentioned process. However there are number of source where information about a particular searched term can be available. So next question is which source will come first in the search results. All search engines has their own algorithm and ways to handle this. Any result comes first has ranked #1 followed by subsequent ranked websites. The basis of ranking is not fully understood. Many of the facts are known but complete process is never disclosed by any search engine. So people can never completely understand the whole process. However from time to time search engines tell us how they rank the websites. These facts can be used by webmaster to improve the ranking of their contents. Search engines are the way to increase traffic by natural/organic visitors. You don’t have to do any direct advertisement for that. Search engine optimization is the collection of steps you do to improve your rank for getting more natural/organic traffic. Webmasters can do following things to improve rank of their content.

Promote Your Blog with Networked Blogs – A Facebook Application

Networked Blogs is a Facebook application. It is one of the way to promote your blog though Facebook community. At present more the 0.3 million blogs are networked by Networked Blogs application. Following are the steps to use this application.

  • Add Networked Application by visiting its url. To add this application you need to follow at least five blogs of your choice.
  • On the top of the application page there is option for “Register a Blog”. Enter your details in the form.
  • Your blog will be added to the list of Networked Blogs only when you verify the ownership for the blog. There are two ways to verify the ownership. First is at least 10 of your friends should approve it or alternatively you can add an html code to your blog for a short time. Verification by second way is very easy and takes only few minutes. After verification you can remove the application html if you want.
  • Next step is invite your friends to join your blog network.
  • Once you reach the stage of wider readership (that is more than 11), you can publish your blog posts automatically to your Facebook profile or fan page.
  • You can also add a widget to your blog sidebars. Your readers can easily find you on Facebook. Html to add this widget can be obtained form your profile. Just go to “Blogs I Write” section on the Networked Blogs profile and click on your blog details. On right hand side is the option for widget code. Paste this code to sidebar or any place wherever you want.

Use free webpage making services for two purposes – driving traffic and earning money

Squidoo and Hubpages are the most popular online community web page creation tools which also offer money earning possibility. You can easily make your webpages at no cost and make it available on web. You can discuss and popularize your blog and blog article by giving links in articles published in webpages. Both services have higher search engine ranking and it will definitely increase the visibility of your blog/website. Both services are based on same concept; only the terminology is different. Member of Hubpages are called Hubber, while Squidoo member is called a Lensmaster. A webpage is termed as hubpage in Hubpages and lens in Squidoo. Both platforms can also be used to generate money as you can display Google AdSense, Amazon and eBay ads in your webpages. Money earning option is the best part of these services. They also provide facility to donate your earned money for social cause. They have list of organizations working on not-for-profit basis. Alternatively you can share part of your earning as well. However there is no bound on donating your hard earned money. You can take full money for your welfare. Both has many modules and capsules to enhance the appearance of your webpages. Squidoo offers more options for design and presentation of the webpage while Hubpages has very user friendly interface to publish articles. Briefly these platforms can be used for two purposes – to drive traffic to your website and for earning money.

Use forums and chat rooms to drive traffic to your websites and blogs

Forums and chat rooms are one of the most favorite places for meeting of like-minded people. Forums are available on almost every possible topic. There are also many theme based chat rooms on web. You can easily publicize your blogs/websites there. People will definitely visit your site if your niche area matches with their interest. This is also useful to gain targeted and regular visitors. Such visitors will stay on your website for longer period and will visit more often. May forum provide facility to leave signature in the posted questions and comments. One can use link to your personal website or any article in the signature. If you have any published article related to any questions being discussed in the forum; you can easily divert the forum members to your content by giving back link in the comment. You should always remember that any back-link left anywhere will generate traffic for lifetime. Your site links at different places in web also helps to rank your site higher. As all forums are also listed in the search engines; those comments and posts will also appear in the search results. Many times the rank of the forum is higher compared to original source in the search engine, therefore it appear higher in the search engine. Therefore it is the indirect way of referral traffic coming from search engine via forums. Similarly you can convince like-minded people in theme based chat rooms to visit your site. Interest of the forum and chat room member on that particular topic is the key to gain visitors. Your quality contents will further convert these referred visitors into regular visitors. Examples of the good forum include Digital Points Forum, Blogger’s forum etc. Chat rooms can be found at Yahoo Chat, RediffBol etc. However you should not misuse the forums and chat rooms. Inappropriate and non-relevant questions and comments may lead to ban on your subscriptions from those forums. People may think that you are using this platform only for your publicity and they will not be convinced to visit your website. This will lead to complete waste of your time. Relevant comments will convince them about your knowledge in the field and they will be motivated to visit your site.

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