How to display any rss feed on your WordPress Blog

RSS is the way to display recent articles published in any blog or website. People tend to subscribe with these feed to get in touch with the recently published articles of their choice. If you own more than one blog and want to display RSS feed of any of your blog on a particular webstie, you can easily do that. Following is the code to do that.

<?php include_once(ABSPATH . WPINC . ‘/rss.php’);
wp_rss(‘’, 5); ?>

Above code has three componenents

  1. First is  “rss.php” file. It  is a part of WordPress core. This file allow us to use the wp_rss() function.
  2. rss feed url: Give the url of blog for which you want to display feed. In above example required url is
  3. Number of rss entries:  In above example 5 is set. So only 5 recent articles will be shown.

You can place above code anywhere you want. You can add it to index.php file or display it in siderbar etc.

Changing hosts file to prevent appearance of contextual ads from Google AdSense and Chitika

Various advertising networks strictly prohibit publishers from clicking on contextual ads appearing on their own website. Multiple clicks and impression arising from a few IP address may lead to ban your account. Many publishers have been banned from Google AdSense program because of this. Accidental clicks result while you work on your website for eiditing and modifying and while viewing preview of edited version. Therefore it is very useful to protect yourself form accidental clicks. Changing the hosts file is one of the best ways which permanently remove appearance of contextual ads from chosen places (like Google, Chitika etc).

Typically a “hosts” file contains only one entry that is “ localhost” (see picture below) . In simple layman language, a host can be any website and the hostname always points to a particular unique IP address. In above case localhost is hostname for your computer and it will point to IP IP address and hostname in combination recognize the web presence of any website. AdSense and other contextual ads arise from a particular server (hostnames) which points to a particular IP. Every computer recognizes this unique IPs. If you assign your computer’s IP address ( for each of hosts serving ads in your website then your computer will point to your IP ( This will prevent retrieval of actual ads from AdSense, Chitika and other advertising network servers in your computer. Now next thing is how to change the “hosts” file. Just go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc. Now click on the file named “hosts” with notepad. Now you can add the “IP Address – Hostname” combinations to block ads from various contextual advertising services. Here IP address will always be “” while hostname will vary depending on where from your ads appearing on your websites. First write IP “” followed by “hostname” after giving 2 spaces. Add only one entry per line. This setting will permanently blocks AdSense, Chitika and other specified ads from appearing on your computer web browser. Therefore there is no questions of invalid clicks.

Hosts file

Hosts file

For your convenience, I have listed the recommended setting which you can add to your “hosts” file.

Tips to maximize PPC (pay-per-click) revenue

Now a day people are very conscious about their time and they click on a particular ad only when they are convinced that ad is of real value. However there are number of proven ways to improve CTR (click-through-rate). Few good recommendations are listed below.

  1. Topic of the website matters a lot. Traffic may be generated if topic is interesting but higher value clicks depend on niche of the website.
  2. Your site should be loaded with appropriate keywords related to your niche. Good density (about 5-10 %) helps to display appropriate content matching ads in the website/blog. Chances of the clicks are higher if appropriate ads are displayed.
  3. Ads should be properly merged with the contents. Its background color, font size, hyperlink color etc should match with the content.
  4. The ads and pictures should be avoided at the beginning of the page. It annoys the people who may ignore your site.
  5. Quality content of the website is very important. It drives the organic traffic from search engines and people stay longer on such websites.
  6. Too many links and pictures should be avoided. Also, layout of the website should be soothing to the eyes.
  7. Combination of contextual and image ads are beneficial.
  8. Combination of ads from different programs is better many times.
  9. Title of the article and first paragraph should be written well to entice visitor to continue reading.
  10. Work for SEO ((search engine optimization). It is the various ways to improve your search engine ranking.
  11. Use social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reditt, Stumbleupon or Facebook to spread links of your web contents.
  12. Submit your site periodically to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
  13. Use search engines and chat rooms to popularize your website and web contents.

Give personalized touch to your blog readers

Getting regular readers is the ultimate goal of every bloggers. Visitors come to your blog form number of places like search engines, article directories, blog catalogs, social networking websites, social bookmarking websites etc. The time they spend on your website and their subsequent visit depends on content of your website and how you treat your visitors. Giving the personalized touch to your readers is must to gain regular visitors. You should make a family with your readers. Following are the ways to improve readership by this way

Reasons for popularity of Blogs

Blog is an online platform to express your thoughts, experiences and feelings on any particular topic with rest of the world. Topic can be anything you can think of. The popularity of the blog is mainly because of its fresh contents. Now a day’s people are very keen to get latest information on any topic. They like regularly updated websites. Even if you have a static website, you should include a blog to add fresh contents. Blog is a perfect platform to deliver latest information. It is also used to deliver content in more engaging way so that people feel attached. Author of the blog should maintain the blog layout in such a way that it provides a way to interact with readers and which ultimately will make a family. Writing style and social functionality of the blog can encourage visitors to fell author as an online friend. Visitors are generally interested to know who the author is and what are their interests? Author should tell their identity to the visitors. The signature containing the details should be included in the communication with blog readers and subscribers. Visitors will develop an online relationship with time. More you associate with your readers; more is the chance of sharing of your contents by them to their friends and acquaintance. Option for sharing of your content should always be regular feature of your blog. Happy Blogging!!