Moving a WordPress Blog from one host to another

If you are not satisfied with the service of a web host then you can move to another host. Moving a wordPress blog from one host to another don’t need any great skills. WordPress has inbuild feature to do so. WordPress has option of  “export and import” to move your blog from one place to another. Please follow the following steps to move your blog

Google’s PageRank

PageRank is a trademark of Google. It is a link analysis algorithm used by Google to rank web documents. The process of PageRank has been patented by Stanford University and the Google has exclusive license rights on the patent from Stanford University. Stanford university received 1.8 million shares of Google in exchange for use of the patent; the shares were sold in 2005 for $336 million.

PageRank is based on giving importance to the web links. Links can be internal of external. Whenever another web document link to a particle article on the website the overall rank of the website increases. PageRank also increases with increasing the number of pages in the website.

Although PageRank is on of the most important criteria to enhance the appearance of the particular content on Google searches. Google also use many other methods for this purpose. Many of these methods are trade secret and not in the knowledge of public.

The rank value points towards the importance of a particular page. Whenever a hyperlink points towards the page, it is considered as vote of support. Incoming links are very important. A page that is linked to many pages of high PageRand automatically gain the higer learning. The websites exchanging links with each other given less weightage compared to one-way links. However it is better than no link. To read more on this click on improve your PageRank by every possible way.

Improving traffic to websites and blogs

Even 100 percent CTR will not lead to high earning if there is only handful of visitors coming to your website and blog. Therefore along with optimization of the ads, traffic management is also very important. Following are the ways to improve traffic coming to your website and blog.

  1. Submit site to the Search Engines: Search engine is the most preferred way to look for information. Most people search required information first in the search engine. Choice of the search engine varies from person to person. People may prefer Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOl, Ask etc over other as first choice. Statistically, Google is the market leader in web searches and most people prefer it. Learn how to get listed in Google and Yahoo.
  2. Search engine optimization: Submission of the site to search engine is not the only solution for good traffic. Your site should come at top on the web searches. Unless it comes at the top pages, people will ignore your site. Two most important things for SEO are “keywords and links”. Almost every website is based on the niche area. To describe any niche there are keywords for example keywords for a website based on education can be primary education, secondary education, career, teaching, classroom, study material, teacher, scholarship etc. Your site contents should have good density of appropriate keywords; otherwise your site will be wrongly listed and the ads appearing in your site will not match the contents. Density of appropriate keywords should be around 2-10 %. You should use these keywords in titles, main content and metatags. You should also maintain good title for categories, subcategories and directory. These are the way you have arranged your contents. It helps search engine to properly index your site. Keywords are also very important for the display of appropriate ads. These ads will match with your information added in title, metatags etc. If you add inappropriate keywords then ads will also be non-matching. Therefore you should never manipulate keywords jus to PageRank.

Way to improve number of links to your website and blog

Links are the one of the most important ways to bring traffic as it enhance the search engine ranking and bring the organic traffic to the site. Following are the list of ways to improve links.

1.       Link exchange: Exchange the links of your site other site owners. You can send them request personally. Your link will be placed in their site in exchange of their link on your site. You can search the web for keywords of your niche and get list of sites specialized in your niche. Then you can request for link exchange. However many webmaster (specially from high ranked sites) avoid to exchange links from related site as they take it as competition. Targeting sites having complementary content is better than targeting competitive contents. You should communicate properly to convince those giving details of your website. Alternatively you can add their link first before asking them to do so. Based place to put the links are sidebar. Here your partner will be convinced that their links are getting wider publicity. The links placed at unrelated sites are not good for AdSense ads as traffic coming by this way reduce the cost of each click (CPC).

How to get listed in Google and Yahoo

Web crawler is a program which crawls around the web and pick all links they find in the process. Search engine like Google uses web crawler. Any new links (i.e. website and blogs) get listed in this way automatically. In another word, whenever crawler come to a particular website, it look for all possible links in the website and if your website link is there then crawler will index it in the database. This is the natural way. However if your site is new and you don’t have any links at other place then you can manually submit your URL to Search Engines.

Google: Submit your site’s URL at . However Google don’t guarantee you of listing of your website. Even if your site is listed there is no guarantee that all of your pages/articles will be listed. You can also use “sitemaps” to submit your site contents to Google. Sitemaps is the list of stuffs in your site. Submission of the sitemaps can be done through Google Webmaster Tools ( It keeps Google up to date regarding your updated contents. Using this you can also analyze errors in your links (like broken and non-working links). You can also see different external links to your site. It also gives you idea of different search term people use in Google to come to your site. Also, it gives idea about how many times your site appears in Google searches while searching for particular keywords. However to access your traffic details you need to verify the ownership of the site at Google Webmaster Tools. You have to upload some file in your root directory to get it verified. It is very easy to do and don’t take more than 5 minutes. But in return you will get lots of traffic information for free.