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All About Web Hosting

There are a couple important requirements when you want to start a website. Of course, one is your domain name, or the URL that visitors will type into their browser’s address bar to to access your website. However, web hosting is also important because once you purchase your domain name, you need a location to […]

How To: Develop a Visitor Management Strategy

Many companies have facilities that combine publicly accessible zones with private offices. In addition, it is common that visitors may be given limited access to parts of the facility in order to work with company personnel. However, this can present serious security and safety programs, mandating the development of an effective visitor management and tracking […]

Automatically adjust size of all videos in you WordPress blog

Bloggers generally embed videos from various sources like YouTube, BBC, CNN etc. The videos available on these sites are of various sizes. One has to manually change setting for each of these video to fit it in your post area. You can define the custom video size for all of your embedded videos. Its quite […]

Importing Large Sql files – Simple way to switch Web Host

Many times people are not satisfied with a particular web host and move to other web host in search of better services. Some Web Hosting Service Providers provide free service to move your website from old host. But its not the case always. So, you should know the ways to move your data from one […]

Moving a WordPress Blog from one host to another

If you are not satisfied with the service of a web host then you can move to another host. Moving a wordPress blog from one host to another don’t need any great skills. WordPress has inbuild feature to do so. WordPress has option of  “export and import” to move your blog from one place to […]

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