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Improving traffic to websites and blogs

Even 100 percent CTR will not lead to high earning if there is only handful of visitors coming to your website and blog. Therefore along with optimization of the ads, traffic management is also very important. Following are the ways to improve traffic coming to your website and blog. Submit site to the Search Engines: […]

Way to improve number of links to your website and blog

Links are the one of the most important ways to bring traffic as it enhance the search engine ranking and bring the organic traffic to the site. Following are the list of ways to improve links. 1.       Link exchange: Exchange the links of your site other site owners. You can send them request personally. Your […]

How to get listed in Google and Yahoo

Web crawler is a program which crawls around the web and pick all links they find in the process. Search engine like Google uses web crawler. Any new links (i.e. website and blogs) get listed in this way automatically. In another word, whenever crawler come to a particular website, it look for all possible links […]

How to display any rss feed on your WordPress Blog

RSS is the way to display recent articles published in any blog or website. People tend to subscribe with these feed to get in touch with the recently published articles of their choice. If you own more than one blog and want to display RSS feed of any of your blog on a particular webstie, […]

Changing hosts file to prevent appearance of contextual ads from Google AdSense and Chitika

Various advertising networks strictly prohibit publishers from clicking on contextual ads appearing on their own website. Multiple clicks and impression arising from a few IP address may lead to ban your account. Many publishers have been banned from Google AdSense program because of this. Accidental clicks result while you work on your website for eiditing […]

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