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Tools for the webmasters to monitor web traffic

Monitoring the web traffic is one of the most important things. It tells the source of traffic to your blog. Blog/website owners should constantly observe their sites for periodic improvements. The visitors from various regions of the world and from web searches  can be analyzed. You can enhance the blog in better ways after monitoring these […]

Know Mobile Traffic to your Website

There is worldwide increase in the number of mobile users. With the invent of high end mobiles the web browsing in mobile has become easier. Webmasters have to implement certain modifications on the website to make it mobile friendly, if there are sufficient number of visitors from mobile devices. The knowledge of the visitors coming […]

Ways to increase blog visibility

Following ways can be used to increase the visibility of your blog. 1.      Social bookmarking websites are very useful to increase the visibility of your website. These can be used to bookmark your blog/sites and blog contents. 2.      Creating a fan page in facebook or community/group in social networking websites like Orkut, facebook, Google etc […]

Best Web Hosting Providers

There are number of web hosting providers who offer web hosting services at varying price. Generally web host provide at least one free domain upon registration. Some web host are very costly while others provide high quality hosting at affordable price. Following are the list of best web hosting providers. You can select your choice […]

Blogging in niche area

A blog can be used as a personal diary on internet. Anyone with good knowledge on a particular niche area can start sharing his/her thoughts with friends and anyone else who needs that information. Choice of niche is very important. One cannot write good contents unless he/she has sufficient command on that subject. But blogging […]

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