Social Bookmark, An ultimate way of tagging your website

When we start endearing anything we love to keep it with us forever and we share it with other to make them appreciate my choice and my liking. Yet, when you visit a site and start liking the features or the services your innate desire becomes to visit and revisit the site time and again in the future. So, before losing the site or forgetting the URL, save it. Social bookmarking helps you to tag the website and will help you to save it so that you can visit the site later. This process will also help you share the site with you near and dear ones over the social networking and social media sites.

SEO and social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a very important tool that should be employed in order to get a proper search engine optimization of your website. Most of the social bookmarking sites ask the visitors to bookmark the contents and add friends and near and dear ones to the site so to increase the publicity of the site. But the main important question lies is how does it enhances personal gains?

This will help you to make your website aware to wider section of the mass and you will come to know who all have found your websites and the features interesting. Bookmaking technique is used by most of the search engines like Google and the book making sites lends a scope to browse through variety of items according to the popularity of specific domain.

Some of the benefits of social bookmarking are stated below:

  1. Social book marking helps you to get to your target search easily. When you search in the search engines you generally search from a larger network thus when you make your similar searches on the bookmarking site you tend to search for items with in a narrowed down network. Searching on the bookmarking site is easy again as it showcases the recently added features, links and lists. You will be able to get the relevant updates and information of your desired searches.
  2. When it comes to bookmarking sites you need to search the category and the tag that you like to search for and you will come across many links all together.
  3. Bookmarking sites helps you to keep the bookmarked web browsers organized. This helps you to go through them easily. This becomes easy for you to share things online with your friends on social networking sites like face book and social media sites like twitter.

Social book making is the ultimate way to draw traffic

The major way to draw visitors is to write about something that is unique or your writing style should be unique. There should be just tags on the blogs or the articles that you have written. Try to adhere to tags that are known as unknown tags do not draw the attention of the visitors. Once you are done with the article make sure to book mark the same and invite friends and relatives so that they share the post or the link to draw in more viewers. Thus book mark is the best way to draw attention and increase your business.

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All About Web Hosting

There are a couple important requirements when you want to start a website. Of course, one is your domain name, or the URL that visitors will type into their browser’s address bar to to access your website. However, web hosting is also important because once you purchase your domain name, you need a location to store the pages, images and scripts that will make up your website. The name of this service is called web hosting, or simply hosting.

Web Hosting in a Nutshell

Hosts have powerful computers, or servers, where your files reside. You must associate your domain with your host, so that your website files come up any time someone wants to access your website. If you use the same company to purchase hosting and your domain, this may be done automatically. Otherwise, the common method to associate these two services is to enter the nameserver information from your host into the control panel of your domain registrar.

Shopping for Hosting

There are several types of hosting that you will see when shopping for hosting. Shared hosting means that multiple customers are located on the same server, and this type of hosting is ideal for small websites and blogs that don’t need a lot of space or bandwidth. Dedicated server hosting is better for large websites with greater needs, and ensures that your websites are the only ones on the server. Virtual private servers refer to virtualization, in which the server is located on the same machine as other servers, but is created in such a way that it works independently from the other virtualized server accounts.

Generally, shared hosting is the most cost efficient, and some hosts provide this service for less than $5 per month. Dedicated and VPS hosting is more expensive and can cost as much as a several hundred dollars per month. When comparing between the same type of hosting, you’ll want to take note of the total file space allocated for each plan as well as the monthly file transfer, or bandwidth, you’ll be able to use.

Operating System

Prices can also vary between operating systems. Server versions of Windows and Linux/Unix operating systems exist, providing support for various scripts and features. Most hosts offer Unix hosting by default, and this supports common PHP and CGI scripts as well as the HTML Web programming language. If you have specialty needs, such as ASP or the .NET Framework, you will require hosting on a Windows server. However, if you’re brand new to website operations, a Unix host will suit your needs and may be able to save you some money.
Once you purchase your hosting plan, you can begin uploading the files that are your website’s backbone.

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How To: Develop a Visitor Management Strategy

Many companies have facilities that combine publicly accessible zones with private offices. In addition, it is common that visitors may be given limited access to parts of the facility in order to work with company personnel. However, this can present serious security and safety programs, mandating the development of an effective visitor management and tracking policy.

Visitor Management Goals

Because of the importance of an effective visitor management system, it is imperative that there be a clear understanding of what functions management wishes their visitor management system to include. The primary goals of any visitor management system should always include the following:

  • Preventing unauthorized personnel from entering company facilities.
  • Tracking authorized visitors to ensure that they remain within authorized areas.
  • Making it impossible for individuals or groups to counterfeit visitor IDs and thus gain access to unauthorized areas.
  • Include a “built-in” expiration system so out-of-date visitor IDs cannot be used to gain access to corporate property.
  • Allow for the fast and convenient processing of visitor IDs by security personnel.

Thus, the ideal visitor management system will be highly automated and user friendly, allowing for the fast processing of visitors. Most importantly, this system should be easily scalable and transportable, allowing for the same system to be used at all corporate facilities.

ID Badges and Visitor Management

One effective way to create an integrated visitor management system is by using on-site ID card printers. In this way, the company can print a distinctive design on their ID badges, making counterfeiting the badge very difficult or even impossible. In addition, the design can also be used to indicate what areas the guest is authorized to be in. This can be especially important when dealing with large numbers of outside contractors or guests.

Another advantage of using printed ID badges is that the designs can be changed when needed, allowing for quick and easy changes in policy and design. By changing designs on a regular schedule, the cards will have a built in expiration date, making it impossible for unauthorized personnel to make use of older cards to gain access.

Finally, by making use of ID cards with RFID chips or magnetic stripes, the visitor badge can allow for tracking of the visitor throughout the facility, by recording what doors were opened using the card, or what areas the RFID chip entered. If the visitor enters a forbidden area, an alert can be sent to security personnel, who can then take appropriate action.

Visitor management strategies are an important part of maintaining a company’s security. However, by making use of modern techniques, a company can ensure the safety and convenience of guests and employees alike.

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5 Free Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic Today

Many website owners want more traffic and understand that without traffic, their website won’t succeed.

If you want to increase your website traffic, you could take advantage of professional SEO services to get you to the top of the search engine rankings, but what if you don’t have the budget to hire a company to help you?

You can also use many free ways to help increase website traffic. Internet marketing services are great if you need more traffic, but they are certainly not cheap. If you don’t have the budget necessary to hire a company to help you reach your goals, then consider these five ways to increase traffic for free.

1.  Article Marketing

By writing quality articles and submitting them to free article directories, you gain many benefits. You will see a small trickle of direct traffic, you build quality backlinks to your website, and there is a chance a publisher will use your work in their newsletter or on their website. This can spread over time and with enough articles, you can see hundreds of new visitors every single day.

2.  Forum Marketing

If you join a few top forums in your niche, you can use a signature to help promote your website. By including a link to your site and participating in discussions on the forum, you can get targeted traffic to your website. Since the other members of the forum will also be interested in what you offer, this is an easy way to get your website in front of the right audience.

3.  Classified Advertising

Many sites offer free classified advertisements you can use to drive traffic to your website. Just make sure you adhere to their guidelines so your ads aren’t flagged.

4.  Article Syndication

Another way to gain free traffic that can lead to thousands of visitors is through article syndication. This is much like article marketing, but instead of submitting your articles to directories, you submit them to actual ezine publishers and ask to have them used in their newsletters. In exchange for your free content, they will allow you to include a link back to your website.

5.  Guest Blog Posting

You can also contact blog owners and ask if you can provide a guest post for their blog. They will allow you to include a link or two back to your website, which helps you build backlinks and traffic from their blog. Many blog owners need fresh content and will welcome your guest posts.

All five of these methods can help you drive traffic to your website at no cost. If you cannot afford professional Internet marketing services, you can use these methods to build backlinks, increase your search engine ranking, and create some direct traffic, as well.

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Automatically adjust size of all videos in you WordPress blog

Bloggers generally embed videos from various sources like YouTube, BBC, CNN etc. The videos available on these sites are of various sizes. One has to manually change setting for each of these video to fit it in your post area. You can define the custom video size for all of your embedded videos. Its quite simple. Just copy and paste following command in the “function.php” file. You have to change only the width and height in this code to make it common for all videos displayed on your blog.

 function mycustom_embed_defaults($embed_size){ $embed_size['width'] = 586; // Adjust values to your needs $embed_size['height'] = 500; return $embed_size; } add_filter('embed_defaults', 'mycustom_embed_defaults');